How We Save Millions For Our Customers

When it comes to insurance negotiation and review, there are no guarantees. However, our desk review model will save you money and time right out of the gate. And our agent's industry expertise will guarantee that the person assigned to your account has all the knowledge necessary to review the claim and find savings if they're there to find. In fact, we're so confident in our team that we say:

If we don't save you at least your fee, then your claim is free!


Desk Review

If you have a vehicle, property, boat, heavy truck, or exotic car insurance claim that you would like reviewed, you've come to the right place. Since 1990, NIAB has specialized in staffing agents whose industry knowledge has allowed them to save clients time and money by doing desk reviews. The low overhead model means you don't have to pay for an agent to travel and review the damage in person. Instead, we emphasize hiring agents whose expertise allows them to review your claim and find savings if they're there.

Want to see how we help companies save thousands? Click here to view a case study.


If you need help negotiating with another insurance carrier, we can help. Subrogation can be difficult and time consuming, but our team is well versed in all of the acceptable industry standards to best advise you what is fair and reasonable.

Body Shop Negotiation

If a body shop has already given you a number and it seems high, you can ask us to review their quote. Typically, using our industry expertise, best practices, and your guidelines, we are able to reach an agreed price that is workable for your company, your client, and the repair facility.

The bottom line - NIAB is well-run, efficient, and one of the best tools we have to handle claims. Anyone interested in more information should contact NIAB right away.

Get Started Saving Money

If you would like to save money on your insurance claims, contact us to get started. We can almost guarantee you'll be happy with the results.