Our average claims professional has over 20 years of claims audit experience.

Dick started in the Insurance Industry with Hartford Insurance Company and served in Claims Management in New York City, and Newark, New Jersey offices. He started his own Claims Management Firm in 1961 which became one of the largest in the country, and has handled over a million claims.

As a leader in the industry, Dick served as President of the I.A.D.A., a nationwide claims association of 300 offices, and represented this group across the country at Insurance Industry seminars and meetings. In addition, Dick served as President of a number of local claims associations and has received several industry awards. He also created an industry leading committee to gather together the best minds in the industry to improve the claims process.

NIAB Founder, Dick Gray

NIAB Founder, Dick Gray

After a brief retirement in 1990, Dick formed National Insurers Audit Bureau Inc. with his son Brian. The firm quickly became the nationwide leader in claim audits, serving all 50 states and saving millions of dollars for its customers.

Today, the organization continues to revolve around the mold that Dick built the company on, staffing employees who have a background in mechanical engineering, expert knowledge of vehicles and property, and a passion for the industry. Our desk review model offers customers the quickest turnaround time and the best way to save money on their claims. 

NIAB is a great partner in our efforts to control claims expenses and their staff should be commended for a great job.